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Polar Bear

Sweet Delusion

By Annetta BrownPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Polar Bear
Photo by Dan Bolton on Unsplash

Tell me when will the pain subside,

it only subsides when I'm by your side.

I feel so lost through all this confusion,

my heart is racing for all your delusion.

My spirit rises then it comes crashing down,

I never know when I might drown.

You tell me to forgive and forget and to just let go,

But it's not that easy for me my anger just grows.

You love me to my core through heated passion,

but I never know when I might be crashing.

I struggle every day to hold on to my dignity,

But my mind whirls beyond infinity.

The way you touch me

and love me is pure bliss,

Your hot passionate way is like a white ice polar kiss.

Baby, I could never lose you I would just die,

To say I don't truly love you would be a terrible lie.

Note:( This was a poem I wrote befor my last divorce. Its About my ex husband whom I named Polar Bear)

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About the Creator

Annetta Brown

With pen in hand and heart laid bare, I write a chronicle of experiences, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary verses that resonate with the universal rhythms of existence.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 4 months ago

    I love polar bears! I love cheese too but polar bears are awesome! Well written!

  • Kale Ross4 months ago

    Heavy, and raw. You can feel the emotion. Thank you for sharing.

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