Poem: "Cheers"

"Binge a good series and we'll forget to shower.."

Poem: "Cheers"
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There's a kind of force that compels

all sorts of friends out of their shells

from the introverts to the extroverts

camaraderie rekindled for better or worse

a text here, call or FaceTime there

it's a Friday night to be prepared

for the festivities among ourselves

celebrating youth, time, and wealth

sparks will fly in the form of laughter

poetry written through friendships we master

corks may soar after shake and twist

wine will flow and pizzas are split

yes, I said pizzas are split

(because honestly one is never enough)

we fill our souls with gluttonous glee

wonderful moment shared in synchrony

we'll catch up with stories of before and after

maybe extend the evening just to be actors

watch a bad movie and complain for hours

binge a good series and we'll forget to shower

We manage to survive into the next day

and Jupiter blesses us with no hangover

we believe in horoscopes and overpriced coffee

as well as tinder dates until they unmatch me

well, it's been fun, I'll see you next time

what we do is living proof

we don't leave friends behind


April PAD ("Poem-A-Day") #12: "Spirits

I am so insanely behind on these because life lol.

I feel like I'm the poet who has a very pragmatic and simple sense of a good time. Pizza still remains overpriced, though. Cheers.

You can find more work over on my Instagram @ephrain_

Thank you!

Kirk S. Pineda
Kirk S. Pineda
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