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Please Don't Question My Smile

What does this poem mean to you? What makes you smile?

By Susan Eileen Published 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 2 min read
Please Don't Question My Smile
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This a poem about my journey in recovery. This is what happens to your attitude after you get sober and no longer miss drugs or alcohol. There is an unexpected joy in getting sober. I hope this poem inspires you to get sober. My place in the world is that I never figured out my place, and writing about it is helping me find my place in the world.

Please Don't Question my Smile

Almost a couple of years have gone by

Since you’ve seen me,

I know it’s been quite a while,

I don’t get hold you anymore,

don’t want you no more

But please don’t question my smile…

I’m so free without you,

a couple years gone by,

I wake up without you,

don’t think about you,

I wake to the songs of the birds now,

Instead of shaky hands,

Please don’t question my smile…

I count the sunsets,

With the time that has gone by,

I get to live in awe now,

Dance freely as I live life without you

Why am I thinking about you,

With all this time gone by,

Just counting my blessings,

Now that I’m without you,

Why would you question my smile..

It’s time to say good bye

I just wanted you for a night – once in a while,

You want to hang on forever,

Even when smile didn’t reach my eyes

Its time to say good bye for too long now,

You’re no longer my style..

When we get together,

I’m not sure where we’re sleeping,

And other things I’m most sure,

But they are not memories worth keeping….

I hate memories that stay for a while

You ruined a young girl

Who never figured out her dreams,

That’s why it was so easy to keep her,

she only wanted you once in a while,

not forever

That’s how took a hold of her,

you preyed on her smile

It’s been time to say good bye for too long now,

Because you’re cramping my style…

When we get together,

I forget my pain for a while,

But now I think about it,

Pain is your style,

It’s time to say good bye now

I’m not in need of forgotten memories

Please don’t question my smile


About the Creator

Susan Eileen

I am an aspiring writer currently writing a book on the Sober Revolution we are in the midst of, a book about essays that will change the way you think, and a novel about a serial killer. I am also working on a book of poetry.

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