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A poem about kindness

By Talia DevoraPublished 10 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

You know

that feeling

when you’ve been gifted

a pineapple

to indulge in

during summer days in the sunshine?!

I do, for sure!!!!!

Kindness and graciousness

from strangers and new friends

is as juicy and tropical

as a bowl of pre-cut pineapple.

Heart-melting compliments,

unexpected, discretionary, and purposeful visits with the elderly and most vulnerable,

freely distributing your snacks and treats to the homeless,

playing with a lonesome puppy,

and teaching a young child a valuable skill

are pineapples for your soul;

they give you the spiritual sweetness you need to be soulfully satisfied.

Whenever it’s possible,

pour a glass

of your exotic, freshly squeezed, and inner pineapple juice,

and give it to someone

who’s thirsty for sweetness!

We all need to gulp down

a generous glass

of pineapple juice;

we’re seriously dehydrated

from the everlasting meanness

in our world.

By Stephany Williams on Unsplash

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Talia Devora

Poetess, visual artist and lifestyle/quiz writer! My pastimes include reading, sleeping, gaming, music, fitness, etc! Be yourselves, be kind and value life! Let's connect and be friends!

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  • Sian N. Clutton9 months ago

    This is beautiful! I will look out for the pineapples in life, from this day forth ❤️

  • Chloe Gilholy10 months ago

    Pineapples are nice.

  • Cathy holmes10 months ago

    "Pineapples for your soul," love it!

  • Tiffany Gordon 10 months ago

    Amen Talia! Very well said. What a very sweet poem with a sweet message!

  • Mariann Carroll10 months ago

    Using the a Pineapple 🍍 is definitely sweet source of kindness

  • 💖✨🍍😊I Like The Inspiration 📝😉

  • Babs Iverson10 months ago

    Fabulous!° Talia, love you Pineapple poem!!! Giving a Pineapple is also a symbol of friendship!!!❤️❤️💕

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