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Written by J. Montes

By Joshua Montes Published 3 years ago 1 min read

We need to destroy the natural world/

Don't try to convince me that/

Animals and forests can be saved/

The precious profits of the corrupt/

Will start to eat away at/

The natural environment/

If you could only see that/

We need more money/

You're a fool if you think/

Nature and humans can coexist/

(Change your perspective, read from the bottom up)

(This took me quite some time to write. The biggest challenge was writing in a way the reader could understand the message both ways. It had to make sense being read top to bottom and vice versa, all the while ensuring that regardless of how it was written, it made sense no matter who was reading or how it was read.)

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About the Creator

Joshua Montes

I started writing a few years ago to curb my emotions. I used to be an angry person that would break things and punch walls. I found writing to be a productive way to deal and express my emotions. Short stories and poems are what I love

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