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Peach Walls


By Kale BenderPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Peach Walls
Photo by erika on Unsplash

If walls could talk,

would they laugh?

Would they lie?

They are embedded

with history and truth.

They've absorbed

pain and pleasure.

Witnessed violence.

Housed villains and

protected the innocent.

Some belong to homes

and others to institutes.

Would they speak fluently?

Would the language sound familiar?

Press your ear...what do you hear?


has extinction level power.

Holding dominion over all species.

So while the universe continues

expanding and degenerative

human intelligence

inevitably increases.

Our atoms will evaporate,

dissolving us all to pieces.

But time is on our side, so

for now go plant your peaches.

Then meet me at our castle for our

glorious end on sandy beaches.


About the Creator

Kale Bender

Using a poetic foundation to scribe thrilling shorts that become the building blocks for mysterious novellas which evolve into adventurous novels!

Find my published books here!



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