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Patrick Is Dead

by Patrick M. Ohana 13 days ago in surreal poetry

News by M

Photo by Kasie Schlagel (CC0) from Pixy

Patrick is dead

It was surely expected

by me M

and all our narrators

He left a strange note

but there are important

issues to discuss first

One can still expect

two stories each day

one AI piece from the AI narrator

and one tree piece from the wood narrator

or is it one wood piece from the tree narrator

It doesn’t really matter

Does it

I’ll continue to write a story every day

for illumination

and one for sexual tendencies

though my stories contain

little sex but much conversation

and digressions galore

I will thus assume some of

Patrick’s submissions

those that usually have

but a few readers

who probably think it’s me M

I may sound like an asshole

if you read this out loud

but this is simply

a writing timetable

Athena etc. permitting

Now for his note

which contains one lie


Fuck You M

I hope Athena kicks you to Hades

Remember to keep sending both AI and wood stories

every day

but minimum one of them per day

There’s also one for sexual tendencies

who dislike poetry

so I usually sneak some in

somewhere in the middle

Now you Maurice

I mean M

Go fuck yourself

Wait you finally have Jenny

Poor girl but she’s in love

I know it will last

because you’re me really

except that you like life

more than I ever did

Finally no more COVID to run my time

and no roaches in oblivion

Hell and Heaven are just constructs

for those afraid to admit they’re animals

When a tree falls in the forest

all the other trees lament its fall

And when all trees are murdered

or burned by hellish fire

a special muse cries for them

and sings an ancient song

I don’t want a funeral

Just a dark chocolate keto bar up my ass

Just kidding Maurice

Take care of Jenny

She really loves you

That’s it

It’s time to take a bow

I’m off to Greece

to kiss Athena for you

I’m not afraid of COVID

now that I’m going away

surreal poetry
Patrick M. Ohana
Patrick M. Ohana
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Patrick M. Ohana

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