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Out of touch

Far from near

By Aranna Hasan Delwar Published about a month ago 1 min read

Out of touch

_____By Aranna Hasan Delwar.

How do you get lost?

Gradually you are decaying

You are turning into an emotionless person

my darling,

Looking across the sea, it seems to touch the sky

However, after passing hundreds of thousands of miles

the sky is untouchable,

These days you are like that, seen but not touched.

Even if the memory sinks into the abyss, it is yours these days

no touch

On the left side of the chest where you were supposed to be

It has been empty for a long time.

It was said that we will stay together

Hand in hand, and head on chest

I will spend eternity.

I said dear, you are my evening bagel

You said you don't want to be a flower

Flowers fall once,

You want to be the heartbeat of my heart

Want to stay forever for me.

Today you become lifeless by dissolving everything

You are like an inanimate object without feelings

My love is nothing to touch

don't wake you up

You are like the sky beyond the ocean

which can be seen very near,

But Yojan Yojan is far away.

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Aranna Hasan Delwar


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