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Our Obedience to Technology

by Madison Callea about a year ago in social commentary
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The issue we ignore

Our Obedience to Technology
Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

We as people have turned ourselves into sheep

We all think the human race is so smart

“Look at what we’ve built, look at what we’ve done”

We congratulate ourselves on the damage we have done to one another

Our technology rules us

Why do we spend so much time worrying about presidents and dictators

When in reality, the dictator is what we continue to advance

We set up labs, we set up offices

We set aside money

Some of us even dedicate our lives and give up our families

Just to advance the technology that we should be running from

We wake up to our cell phone alarms

If it helps us wake up, how could it cause harm?

We answer when they “ding”

Then we search up homework on Bing

We even use them to hide from outside

And somehow, we don’t realize, this technology has us tied.

We will sit at a red light at 4 am even though there are no other cars on the road

Why do we do this?

Why do we stand in front of the TV and wait for it to tell us what happened in town today?

Why do we depend on these computers to receive our education?

Or, too keep retail alive with emails and websites?

We are all on these computers right now.

The answer to these questions, is simply that we, as people, are all obedient to the technology we have built and advanced ourselves.

We are sheep to our own creation.

We follow and depend on our technology

Sometimes we don't even realize it

You walk the street in your local town

And what do you see?

Hundreds of people walking like zombies

they have their heads in their phones

They don't watch when they walk

And they hope that their muscle memory keeps them from tripping

What are they staring at?

Twitter? Instagram? Facebook? Snapchat?

Why aren’t they smelling the fresh air?

Looking at the cardinal that just flew right by?

Staring at the sun, appreciating the fact that it didn’t rain again?

We are sheep to our own creation.

But, it's not the technology’s fault.

Rocks could build a shelter, but rocks could also kill people.

Someone could use a car to drive to church,

Or someone could use a car to run people over

The technology is not the enemy

We are our own enemy

We have to wake up and see

And to fix it, we all have to agree

The bottom line is that we are obedient to these robots

And it’s just going to keep getting worse if we don't resist

Put down your phones

Close your computer

Unplug your Television

Go for a walk, look outside your house

The beautiful world we are so lucky to live in, is out there

Stop obeying technology, it shouldn’t take over our lives

We need to change our ways before it ruins us more than it already has

I, for one, am tired of being a sheep to our creations,

And you should be too.

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