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Our Fashion Icons Over the Years

& how much they have taught us

By Madison CalleaPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Our Fashion Icons Over the Years
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Fashion is everywhere, and everything. There is never a limit to fashion and what we as people can do with it. Fashion is what drives many men and women every day. Over the years we have all witnessed and or learned about millions of fashion icons that still affect us today. Here are some of the beautiful fashion icons that should be recognized for their passion:

Marilyn Monroe (50’s): our most famous fashion icon! Marilyn Monroe was a beautiful woman who embraced her curves and showed the world what confidence really was. Her iconic picture with her little white dress blowing in the wind and her bright red lipstick is a staple fashion statement.Marilyn showed the fashion community how to accept all sizes and all body shapes. She even set up the trendy style of high waisted bikinis that women continue to look amazing in.

Audrey Hepburn (‘53): and her little black dress! Ahhhh, thank you Audrey for showing the Universe how amazing someone could look in such a simple black dress. Audrey Hepburn taught us all how outfits that are so simple could be so much on a girl. The staple outfit that we are all so grateful for. Black dresses are so necessary in a woman’s life. You can wear them to dinner, to a party, to work, and anywhere else you could possibly imagine, and that's why the little black dress is so amazing. Not only that, but Audrey was always dressed classy and proper and was a great inspiration for many young girls of the generation.

Diana Ross (‘60s): a woman of many sparkles who taught us how to be extremists! Diana Ross was a complete fashion icon throughout the 70s, 80s, and 90s. She was a woman with a fearless style and great confidence. Her outfits set trends for many years. She wore many outfits involving glitter, sheer, and metallic. She showed us all the classy bell bottom pants, huge fur coats, sparkly tight dresses. And of-course, how could I forget Diana's great use of FEATHERS!

Cher (60s): a true Bohemian Babe! Cher showed the fashion industry how to truly rock fringe. Fringe skirts, vest, and dresses were her most popular, staple look. She wore lots of mini dresses, too. Cher showed young girls and women how to be comfortable in their own skins and how to be confident in order to take on the world. Cher set trends for everyone to follow!

Now… onto some more modern fashion icons! The list of our fashion queens is never ending, but here are some women we will never forget about!

Michelle Obama(00’s): the classy queen! Michelle sets such a good example for young women. Her classy, put together outfits never failed us. Her remarkable pantsuits, followed by her midi dresses, and her great use of bringing in bright colors to many outfits inspire us all. Michelle shows the world how to dress modern, proper, and classy.

Paris Hilton: our ultimate party girl from the 2000s. Paris showed us all her great use of low waisted pants, all things shiny, and the cutest party dresses that make for great nights out. Paris was the greatest example of 2000’s fashion. Hilton brought Juicy Couture some of their fame with her constant wearing of track suits. She also showed the world how to rock two pieces, long skirts, and tiny crop tops.

Blake Lively: the woman of many styles. Blake Lively has had an incredible amount of stunning red carpet dresses over the years. Blake never fails us, whether she is in a short tight dress, a long flowy dress, or a pantsuit, Blake really knows how to bring fashion everywhere she goes. Even during her role as Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl Blake had amazing outfits. Sheek, shimmer, short, long, big, small, neutral or bright… you name it! Blake wears it all, and looks amazing every time!

Jennifer Lopez: our fashion inspiration! Jlo really does it all. From casual jeans, to pantsuits, long maxi coats, tight dresses, two pieces, blazers, turtle necks, and so much more. Jlo is a true representation of fashion and how widespread it is. Jlo will wear anything, and still make it look amazing! She teaches young women to be confident in any kinds of clothes, whether casual or fancy. And not to mention, her red carpet outfits are so remarkable, we can’t look away!

I named all these icons but what do you wear? What do you feel most confident in? Is it Audrey‘s black dress, or Paris Hilton’s low rise jeans? Fashion allows anyone to express themselves and be true to who they are. Sure, COVID-19 held us back from dressing up and exploring the glitter, metallic, and sheer realm of our closet, but who’s to say we can’t have an at home fashion show? I say, become your own fashion icon, rock what you wear, and you will never feel better! After all, if they can do it then so can we!

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