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Our beloved, Johnny


By Linda BalboniPublished 7 years ago 1 min read

We tried so hard

to make you realize

your greatness,

but the desire for a

bag of poison,

that most certainly


your demise from

this Earth,

won the war.

Our family,

so many of us and

so close,

your aunts and uncles,

your cousins who were

like siblings

to you, could not love

you enough

to make you stop.

This battle lasted 8 long


You; 26-years young,

the golden boy with a

big bright smile,

blonde locks and beautiful


features. Your highly intelligent

brain, taken over by the devil,

the temptation,

the craving more intense

than your next breath.

A roller coaster ride filled

with so many promises from

your mouth;

words of

appeasement to especially

your loving mother,

you played the game to

its fullest,

the addiction,

decided the outcome.

We never gave up on you,


we held onto hope when

you detoxed,

and visited you in Rehabs and

Sober Houses praying that

this would be

your time, when the epiphany

would happen,

you would surrender to this

monster and

become one of the few

success stories.

The circle of heartbreak

continued as we

saw you in the hospital

after too many


then watched you retreat to your

black hole, your

room of darkness,

the only welcomed guests

were your drugs, iPod and music,

which became your best friends.

Your mother, after many

years of despair,

heard the doorbell

ring on that cold February

night at 1:30 am,

her body shaking from

what she already knew;

her beloved son, her only child,

as the police scooped her up

and hugged her while she

fell towards the ground

with unimaginable grief.

She screamed, “Noooooo!!!!”

She will do her best to


her life sentence of

unbearable and unfathomable


She tells us that she

wants to go to sleep and

never wake up, the anguish

too hard as she bleeds.

Your big family

now broken-hearted,

our lives will never be as sweet,

the link to our family

chain is now broken,

as you live in the perpetuity

of eternal life,

we shall struggle for the

rest of our days here,

and always wonder if we

could have done more;

even though the reality of it is;

we all did too much,

but it was just not enough.

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About the Creator

Linda Balboni

My beautiful family is the most important thing to me! I enjoy writing poetry/stories and some of my work has been published in various journals, chapbooks and magazines. I love to draw/paint and appreciate nature, music and photography.

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