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opening up

by ruth sline about a month ago in inspirational
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how I feel

opening up
Photo by Z S on Unsplash

Tonight is the night

For one to reveal her true heart

We may not be able to understand why

But something good does come from un burying

The issues that have messed our lives up

Only to find one who is willing to listen

To everything that you have revealed

I find that I am feeling like a bandage is ripped away

To find that letting go of all the torment is only short lived

To make one consider all that has happened in their life

Trying to mend all the problems

Talking is what will uncover a lot of tears

That have not been shed for so long

Tears are only the way to begin healing

From all the mental

To the all the physical

The way to heal is not always so plain to see

The times we have had from all the turmoil

From childhood to becoming an adult

We will never truly see all the damage done

For all the choices we have made

The opening up is what will hurt us as most

But after so much talking

Everything starts to work themselves out

All the fears that we have will be shown

Even if we have to pry a chip off the shoulder’s we have

Everyone has a need to talk its just when we choose to start talking

Is how we know it is bad or more


About the author

ruth sline

I am 35 years old. deal with a 'mental disability' and writing helps me. I am working on a little series of sorts featuring dragons, mermaids, vampires. Romance, a dash of trouble and I think the craziness of what comes from boredom

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Nice work

Very well written. Keep up the good work!

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  • Joe Pattersonabout a month ago

    Very insightful.

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