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A poem about loving fictional people

By Jūlija @beeofjulyPublished 11 months ago 1 min read
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In dangerous dreams

My mind still lingers,

My heart screams,

Pain flashes to my fingers...

I feel so alone.

Where in the world

Can I find such friends

With whom I could dance

In a magical trance

In a cave at midnight

To the rhythm of a poem?

My heart is with them,

But they're not with my heart.

They're always on my mind,

But I'll never be on theirs.

I know their souls,

But they do not know mine.

This feeling is a ghoul

Eating away my shine.

Reading is not for escaping

And dreaming idly.

Authors are murderers

Roaming freely.

Their books are full of horcruxes

From our fictional friends,

And because of those deaths

Their fame never ends.

Preparation is not helpful,

For my heart is still so hopeful,

Oh, the agony of knowing things to come!

It was all in my head,

But my heart still bled

Knowing: nothing can be done.

I watch them walk

Down the aisle with their death.

I want to run after them

But I am not there.

I want to shout,

But I am not there.

I want to bring them back to life -

But I am not there.

Why is that so?

Why does my heart beat

So fast for those

Who are only a dream,

Crave desperately those

Who are only a dream?

My heart, it lives with those

Who are only a dream.

In my mind they persist,

But they still don't exist.

In my heart, there's a void

Which can't be destroyed.

No matter how much

In their world I abided,

My love for them will remain


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Jūlija @beeofjuly

Heyo, I'm a multipassionate with a love for medicine, natural sciences, linguistics, music, math, and writing, which I use as an excuse to explore anything that captivates my heart and mind.

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  • Jūlija @beeofjuly (Author)11 months ago

    This poem has been published on my Steemit account, too. Click here to see it: https://steemit.com/hive-133905/@beeofjuly/one-sided.

Jūlija @beeofjulyWritten by Jūlija @beeofjuly

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