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one's wife as beautiful as a flower

by robincabellob780 11 months ago in love poems

one's wife as beautiful as a flower

one's wife as beautiful as a flower
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There is a relationship, you think it's just passing by, so you throw it away easily.

After a long time, you will still think of him until you can't extricate yourself … It turns out that he is the one I deeply love. Time is a magical thing, it makes the shallow shallower and the deep deeper.

As beautiful as a flower, scattered red dust, turned into dust, for whom aloes?

At that time, we knew what love was, but we didn't know how to love.

I feel the coldness of you from far and near, and you seem to have no escape. I didn't ask why. I thought, since there is no me in your heart, why bother and why want to stay. Just turned and left. Turn the breakup into a dead butterfly, send it to the semi-origami, fly it to your hand, and you don't speak. Slightly smiles, but turns lonely. Why smile when you have me; Why are you lonely without me? I don't understand ...

On the first day of breaking up, I told myself that I could live well without you.

Three days after breaking up, your brother told me that he gave up the whole world, but never gave up on you! You never know that he hides a kind of psychology called inferiority complex. I can't cry. I checked the saying that beauty is in the eyes of lovers. You don't know that you are perfect in my heart. Perfection has no inferiority complex.

One month after the breakup, Christmas. I said, let's make up. You said, forget it, let it go. After the college entrance examination, you will go to a good university, but I don't know the way ahead. With me, I will only take you from heaven to hell … That night, I skipped classes for the first time in my life. The night is neon and the wind is lonely. Walking in the street like a lonely soul, as if all the prosperity is to set off my loneliness. I pick up our memories alone at night, and I relive every place we have walked.

I saw the red leaves all over the ground under the wisteria tree, with flowers flying and butterflies dancing. You carefully picked up the petals that fell on my hair. Beautiful, beautiful! Just like another world, out of reach.

I saw the hillside full of gardenia flowers, we sat watching the sunset, and smoke curled up in the distant valley. You said that there must be a couple there, the wife is cooking, and the husband is sitting in front of the door, smoking a cigarette, thinking about tomorrow's work.

I reviewed all the memories and packed them up.

After this night, I buried myself in the book again. I told myself, I can't let go of memories, not you. When it's cold, I don't wear gloves anymore. I'm afraid of remembering the scarf I knitted for you and the gloves you gave me. Thirsty, I don't use the cup you gave me anymore. I'm afraid my tears will accidentally fall into the coffee. Miss you, the more I let myself get into the book and hide, I'm afraid to see my true heart.

Two months after breaking up, I ranked a lot in the exam grades, but I was not as happy as I thought. Without you to share my sadness or happiness, my emotions will never be happy again. We met occasionally on campus, and I pretended not to see you. After you left, I looked back and watched your back for a long time.

Six months after the breakup, the college entrance examination ended. The last time we met, I think, we both know that after this time, maybe we will never see each other again. We had dinner together, and you became silent; We went to see a movie, and that night we played "The Little Thing of First Love". At the moment when turned and fell into the water, I also cried, and my tears fell in big drops, but you didn't see it; We took a group photo in the photo studio next to the square, with rose petals flying all over the curtain. I sat quietly on the white bench, and you stood behind the bench, leaning over the edge with both hands, so beautiful. Only, we didn't smile.

Youth ends like this. Later, we didn't meet again. I met a lot of people in college, but I always believed that they would be the one who accompanied me all the time. In other words, I don't feel that way again, and I won't love again. It turns out that my youth, from the moment when the college entrance examination ended, has completely ended.

Later, I finally learned how to love

It's a pity that you have long gone and disappeared into the sea of people

Later, I finally understood in tears

Some people will not miss it once they miss it

Never come back again

There is a girl who loves that boy


When that person is gone, nothing can affect your emotions, nothing can make you cry, nothing can make you laugh happily, and life becomes dull. I suddenly miss that time, called youth, with real pain and real laughter.

It turns out that loving you is not for three or two days.

Originally, as beautiful as a flower, aloes are for you.

It turns out that the older you get, the older you get.

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