On the Nature of I

by Spencer Barrett 12 months ago in love poems

A sonnet of self exploration and confusion.

On the Nature of I
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I tend to over-complicate it all.

The simple, extravagant and new.

I heard on say, "Pride comes before a fall."

If I fall, it's only in love with you.

I tend to over-estimate myself,

And the love that I can give or receive.

I will no longer rest upon that shelf,

making waves impossible to perceive.

But I'm too far, there is no turning back

To relearn lessons that have long since passed.

There's no starting over, that is a fact.

It's sad; Your first mistake could be your last.

I'm in love again. I already know,

I smell the flowers from the seeds you sow.

love poems
Spencer Barrett
Spencer Barrett
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Spencer Barrett

A 29 year old Fine Arts graduate with a career in hospitality, Spencer is a hobbyist Author, Poet, Streamer, GameDev, Artist and creator in many mediums, with a guilty spot for animated cinematic movies.

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