Goddess of the Lighthouse

by Spencer Barrett 11 months ago in love poems

A sonnet of love, longing, and searching

Goddess of the Lighthouse
Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

I find myself seated betwixt the grove,

The Sun playfully dapples on my cheek.

Thoughts of what secrets I keep in my trove,

Sail upon a ship with never a leak.

The open Sea tastes a lot like freedom.

And as mightily warm as Sun kissed skin.

Were these the temptations known in Eden?

Is all of this love really such a sin?

But it cannot be, even as the storm

Does toss the ship, a lighthouse guides me here.

To a shore where love comes in every form,

Where each resident does smile cheek to ear.

A ship of compassion without anchor,

If you see the goddess, for me, thank her.

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Spencer Barrett
Spencer Barrett
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Spencer Barrett

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