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Ominously Crafted

a poetry collection about the storm coming, twisted perceptions and being caged

By Lucy Dan (she/her/她)Published 3 years ago 1 min read
Ominously Crafted
Photo by Muhammed Zafer Yahsi on Unsplash

Caged in the Captivity of Time

Coming and going through the same routine

Always stuck in the same pattern

Gone are the days of spontaneity

Every morning, every night — the same.

Days went by as I got used to this life.

Being someone who craves novelty

I woke up from the monotony

Realizing just how important it was to me:

Days spent in creativity instead of captivity.


Twisted Perception

By Tri on Unsplash

Cycles come and go

each time


retaining something old

yet new.

“Each revolution

hopefully brings us forward into

something BETTER” —

they say

but have you ever

realized that


is always defined

by the victors?


Incoming Storm

By Torsten Dederichs on Unsplash


gives it a harsh sound,

as if we’re about

to be hit with

something violent

when today

all that’s arriving

is winter’s first

blanket of snow,

ready to melt

by next morning

in fluctuating warmth.


This trio of pieces were originally published here, here and here.


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    Lucy Dan (she/her/她)Written by Lucy Dan (she/her/她)

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