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Old Woman Offers Shelter

The Tale of a Prince Who Found True Happiness in the Humility of Disguise

By wispo uganjaPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Old Woman Offers Shelter
Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash

Once upon a time, in a far-off kingdom, there was a handsome prince named Alexander. He had everything that a prince could ask for - wealth, power, and the admiration of his people. However, there was one thing that he didn't have - true happiness.

Alexander had grown up in a world where he was constantly surrounded by people who wanted something from him. He had been raised to be a strong and capable leader, but he longed for a life where he could just be himself without the weight of his royal duties bearing down on him.

One day, Alexander decided to take matters into his own hands. He disguised himself as a beggar and set out into the streets of his kingdom, determined to see the world from a different perspective.

As he walked through the bustling marketplace, Alexander was struck by the poverty and desperation that he saw all around him. He saw children with hungry bellies begging for scraps of food, and elderly men and women struggling to survive on meager pensions.

Despite his disguise, Alexander's royal demeanor could not be concealed, and many people in the marketplace recognized him. However, instead of bowing and scraping, they simply turned away, uninterested in the plight of a beggar.

As the sun began to set, Alexander found himself on the outskirts of the city, where he came across a small cottage. The cottage was old and dilapidated, but the smoke coming from its chimney promised warmth and shelter.

Alexander knocked on the door, and after a moment, it creaked open to reveal an old woman with kind eyes.

"Please, ma'am," Alexander said, his voice shaking with cold. "I am a weary traveler. Might I find shelter here for the night?"

The old woman looked him up and down, her eyes narrowing suspiciously. "What business do you have in this part of the kingdom?" she asked.

"I am simply passing through," Alexander replied. "I have nowhere else to go."

The old woman considered his words for a moment before nodding and stepping aside to allow him entry.

As Alexander warmed himself by the fire, the old woman cooked him a simple meal of bread and cheese. They talked late into the night, sharing stories of their lives and experiences.

For the first time in a long while, Alexander felt truly happy. He was no longer the prince who had to act a certain way to please his subjects. Instead, he was just a man, sharing a meal with a kind old woman.

The next morning, Alexander rose early and left the cottage before the old woman awoke. He walked back to the palace with a newfound appreciation for the life he had been given and a determination to use his power and influence to make a difference in the lives of his people.

When he arrived at the palace gates, he discarded his beggar's clothes and stepped into his princely robes once again. But this time, he did so with a renewed sense of purpose and a determination to use his position to make a positive impact on the world around him.

Alexander became known as the "Beggar Prince," a nickname that he wore with pride. He used his influence to improve the lives of the poor and the marginalized, and he worked tirelessly to create a more equitable society for all.

Years later, when Alexander had grown old and gray, he passed away peacefully in his sleep. But his legacy lived on, and he was remembered not as a prince, but as a man who had dared to walk in the shoes of the less fortunate and had used his privilege to make a difference in their lives.

And so, the legend of the Beggar Prince lived on, a reminder that true happiness and fulfillment could not be found in wealth and power, but in the kindness and compassion that one showed to others.

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