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-Old Willow Tree-

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By ROME_XCIXPublished 4 months ago Updated 3 months ago 1 min read
-Old Willow Tree-
Photo by Lucia Macedo on Unsplash

This old willow tree stands tall and proud, By the lakes edge where the water flows, Its branches stretch out, like arms embracing, The serene landscape, in endless embrace.

Its trunk is gnarled, its bark is gray, From years of weathering, day by day, But still it stands, sentinel of peace, A symbol of solace, for all who cease.

To sit beneath its shade, is pure delight, A place to rest from the worlds plight, The rustle of leaves, a gentle sound, As if the tree itself, were singing all around.

The wind whispers secrets, through the branches high, Of generations past, and memories nigh, The old willow tree has seen it all, From dusk till dawn, and life's great fall.

Old willow tree you've been here long, before man was born, A witness to history, as time explored, From ancient myths to modern days, The old willow tree has watched it all pass away.

At sunset's hue, the sky turns pink, And the old willow tree takes on a different blink, For in its limbs, a fire burns bright, Guiding those who seek what us right.

In summer's heat, the tree provides cool shade, A refuge from the sun, that's blazed, And when winter comes, with snow and ice, The old willow tree, still stands with grace.

So have us cherish this noble friend, This venerable tree that never ends, For though it stands tall, so strong and all, The old willow tree will always stand up, for us all.


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  • Rowan Finley 4 months ago

    Now I want to be under a willow tree! Loved this.

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