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Old Man Goose

Just some silly (mildly inappropriate) fun

By Shaun WaltersPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Photo by Sandy Millar on unsplash

It’s raining it’s pouring

I’m the old man snoring

Where did I get this bump on my head?

I hope I wake up in the morning

That itsy bitsy spider

Is black and red no doubt

If it bites my hand

I won’t have time to pout

Necrosis is no fun

I’ll hit the ER quick

That itsy bitchy spider

She’s felled with me a prick

Rain rain come this way

Fill the sky with clouds of gray

I don’t want to mow today

I have a new book hip hop hooray!

Baa, baa black sheep

You are such a fool

To come to family dinner

Three sheets full

Why are you so plastered?

Why are you so lame?

You’re still such a little child

With only yourself to blame

Hickory Dickory Doc

I’m trying to run out the clock

When I’m with anyone

I feel run down

Hickory Dickory Doc

Hickory Dickory Doc

I could use a shock

Maybe just a pill or two

To make feel brand new

Hickory Dickory Doc

I have a glass of whiskey

Short and stout

Grab the bottle

And pour one out

When I’m good and pissed

Hear me shout

I’ll wake with a hangover

There’s no doubt


About the Creator

Shaun Walters

A happy guy that tends to write a little cynically. Just my way of dealing with the world outside my joyous little bubble.

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  • ROCK about a month ago

    haha, you should enter this into L.C. Schäfer's Unofficial " Fucked Up Fairy Tale" challenge! It's funny!

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