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Old Friends - New Friends

By Ma’at CC

By Ma’at CC 𓁧 Published 5 months ago 1 min read

Goodbye Old Friends,

Dont Know what I Did, But musta been some crazy shit!

Ya know perspective is a mf, Can be different from all angles,

Sad our relationship didn’t survive the negativity strangles!

One Moment Making super fun loving memories,

Another moment wondering if you even remember me!

Could I have known the real you,

with all the things that I obviously never knew & had no clue!

Smiles can conceal But time will Reveal,

What is Real & whoms’ Worth Your Thrills!


Hello New Friends,

Welcome In, Where have yall Been?!

I got space for Love, Support & Encouragement,

Positivity is my Vibrational Nourishment!

We Growin, Goin, Seein, & Bein the Sh*t!

Livin Life to the Max, Constantly Finding New Places to Relax!

Getting Paid, Selling things We Made,

Dont Nobody Care about Our Highschool or College Grades,

No Mo Abundance or Prosperity will be Delayed!

Healin Me, So I can See,

True Homies Gon Always have Lifetime Loyalty!

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About the Creator

Ma’at CC 𓁧

SelfPublished Author Artist Entrepreneurial Expressionist ♡ ✍🏾📚


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Comments (1)

  • Toby Heward5 months ago

    Very relatable

Ma’at CC 𓁧 Written by Ma’at CC 𓁧

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