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By Haychie_Artist

By Haychie_ArtistPublished about a month ago 1 min read
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I know that I’m always nicest

Tempers going down It’s minus

That’s progression In my eyes

No aggression In disguise

Yeah survived coronavirus

That’s a sign I know I’m righteous

Heart Is set on for my prize

& I like some good surprise

Switch It up got mental health though

Rode the wave I had the Indo

Yeah survived though start a convo

Battled through the water bingo

Saw the win though thru the window

Life was feeling like a limbo

& I know so like I’m Loso

Patterned up like Fabolous no?

Grateful for another day though

Do remember playing play dough

Younger days was decent child

Studied bucks but wasn’t wild

Told myself I’m patient always

Saw the doctor by the hallways

Handing out some medicine

FYI Penicillin

Took my time I did recover

Check out Vocal go discover

Everything I’ve written down

From my heart that’s what I found

Get the mag as In a cover

Deffo would not find my lover

Know I’m better all around

Repping for my London town

Always had a mind like elders

For my age I’m Iron welders

Always on point all around

So mature I never frown

Always second bullet headers

Standing out not In my ‘gendas

Jokes aside I found my crown

Hear the sound my rhymes In town

& I’m hungry & not angry

Found a way got helped by Gary

Grateful always on the low

& I’m faster than a slow

Now I’m wary for you scary

Halloween Is here It’s blurry

Michael Myers In me though

Smoother than the guy Mido

Dropping bars pay tension closely

& you know that do that mostly

You can see that In me no?

With a wink I’m smiling know

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Comments (1)

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    The mentioned of Halloween and Mike Myers put a smile on my face hehehehe

Haychie_ArtistWritten by Haychie_Artist

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