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Of Failing Faith

Was It Worth It?

By Dan R FowlerPublished about a month ago 1 min read

Of Failing Faith

It began as what some would call simple truths,

Those things that now have become obscure and aloof.

A simple discussion filled with undeniable determination,

That grew from alleyway's meetings to create a nation.

It was a gathering of ideas more so than frustrated people,

Of a simplistic concepts not tied to some religious steeple.

It was to offer the choice whether to spiritually assemble,

Not being forced to commit to comply and soulfully tremble.

It was a time for being obstinate and unexpectedly audacious,

To speak obstinately of crowns forcing teachings quiet fallacious.

To vow to never remain beaten into unwanted submission,

But to rise above the serf’s fodder shouting “no more restrictions.”

It was a time questioned by those who ruled poised to retaliate,

Whether it was warranted by those who would never capitulate.

The edicts, the demands, brought forth boldly for all to see,

Spoke of freedom from the restraints, voices shouting to be free.

And now several hundred years later we all stand questioning,

Whether what was done was worthy of the deaths, souls surrendering.

The voices of the dead who gave their lives for freedom’s simple truth,

Now wonder if politicians are being deliberately obtuse.


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Dan R Fowler

Dan R. Fowler. 71, writing is more than a hobby, it's a place for me to become anyone I choose to be, visit mystical scenes, or swim deep within my brain. e-book paperback, or audible. type dan r fowler on the search line. Amazon


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Comments (1)

  • peterabout a month ago

    i like your story

Dan R FowlerWritten by Dan R Fowler

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