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lessons learned, and prices paid

By AlbinPublished 26 days ago 1 min read
Photo by Mahdi Bafande on Unsplash

Life's odyssey unwinds, a path I've trod

Through valleys and mountains, where moments are lodged

Memories of joy and sorrow, like milestones on the way

Reminding me of lessons learned, and prices paid

I've faced the storms of life, and weathered every gale

And though I've stumbled, I've risen, with a heart that prevails

Each experience a chapter, in the story of my life

A testament to the strength, that has cut through strife

The journey has shaped me, molded me, and made me whole

Helping me find my voice, and a heart that's full and bold

I've learned to cherish every step, every fall, and every rise

For in life's experiences, I've found my spirit's prize.


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A Psychologist of Life Experiences...

Delighted to have you ...

Much Love.

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    AWritten by Albin

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