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Ode to a Rose

by Tim StiX 6 months ago in love poems · updated 2 months ago

No Plain Jane by The Sober Bard

Ode to a Rose
Photo by Carlos Quintero on Unsplash

Petals pucker forth like lips

Radiance and bliss

Soft caressing fingertips

A lover's tender kiss

Pink for grace, red for love

Of royal purple please beware

White a pure and peaceful dove

Yellow to show you care

A single rose as magical

As Cupid’s feathered dart

Nectar sweet to scent them all

Each bud a work of art

Petals puckered forth as lips

To grace a lover's kiss

Reverent rose beyond eclipse

For joy . . .

No cell amiss

Images by Tim StiX

The Sober Bard Feb 2021

Tim StiX is a Software Engineer with over 20 years’ experience, administrator of 1.01 World Net: Body of Knowledge and The Sober Bard.

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Tim StiX

Tim StiX alias Tim Styx. Manic Master of The Internet of Things and The Sober Bard.


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Tim StiX
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