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Ode to a Fallen Star

Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Lost Light

By a broken heartPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Ode to a Fallen Star
Photo by Рома Морозов on Unsplash

A fallen star, your love once blazed so bright,

Guiding me through darkness, filling my world with light.

But the heavens shifted, fate's cruel hand intervened,

Leaving me lost in shadows, a love unseen.

My heart, a fragile blossom, withers in the cold,

Echoes of laughter, stories left untold.

Each empty promise, a thorn lodged deep within,

A constant reminder of the light that could have been.

Will dawn ever chase away this endless night?

Can my wounded heart learn to heal beneath its light?

Or will I forever wander, searching for your glow,

A fallen star's memory, haunting the depths below?

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About the Creator

a broken heart

I write poems to express my feelings since 2020... and now I'm going to start posting them! Love you all :)

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