Ode of the Abuser

by Nova VanAuken 10 months ago in breakups

A Poem

Ode of the Abuser

I stare at the ceiling with its menagerie of greys,

And wish that I did better and its been with me for days,

I told you that I loved you yet showed you deep disdain,

And now your gone by my own hand. All I have is pain.

I lay on the floor with my head in my hands tears running down my face.

All I want is you back home with me and your forgiving grace.

But im not sure that it will happen for what I did was grave,

Belittleing, controlling, soured mouth, makeing you my slave.

I wish that I could take it back but that I cannot do,

Because no matter what I want im tucked away from you.

So ill sit here, face in hands, heart upon the floor,

Patiently waiting for this to work, so that I breath no more.

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Nova VanAuken

I mostly write short stories. My inspirations are actual events in my life, dreams ive had, and the emotions i feel. I hope you enjoy my work as much as i do.

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