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by Susan Lee 2 months ago in sad poetry

Where is home anyway?

October day, Alexendria, VA


In a non-descript coffee shop

in the middle of nowhere,

a girl sitting alone

amidst gaudy Halloween decors,

observing the shop’s temporary residents –

an elderly guy donning yellow sneakers

accompanied by a tawny poodle;

a middle-age man

wearing shorts, loafers and ankle-high socks

in the midst of crisp winds;

A pony-tailed woman hurriedly walking back and forth

behind the counter

beckoned by a blurry line of faces;

Beret-capped baristas

Churning out drinks after drinks, surrounded by the dull whistle of the latte machine --

And she wonders if there’s another place called home.

sad poetry
Susan Lee
Susan Lee
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Susan Lee

I graduated from Stanford University in 2002 with a BA in International Relations and a minor in Psychology and have a Masters in International Affairs from Georgetown University.

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