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Musings of a sea anemone

By Susan LeePublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Sea anemone (Actiniaria)


I am reincarnated as a sea anemone,

(scientific name Actiniaria).

Destined to a 50-year lifespan of being constantly engulfed, tossed back and forth and submerged by the crashing waves,

I woe the fact that I am doomed to this volatile, ephemeral existence.


Sometimes, I emerge from the depths, breaking the surface

To get a taste of the delicious, turquoise air.

Voraciously, greedily, I lick the oxygen and through these opportunities sustain the green algae with which I have a lonely symbiotic relationship, exposing it to rays of warm sunlight.

Sometimes, in this process of life, I am tugged further away from shore by the diaphanous, onyx-hued currents in the night.

This vicious cycle continues.


But this one fortuitous time, my tentacles become freed from the aggressive, pointed, unrelenting curls and clutch of the crests

And I somehow climb safely onto the seabed, precariously resting my being on the crystalline, placid, emerald surface -


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About the Creator

Susan Lee

I graduated from Stanford University in 2002 with a BA in International Relations and a minor in Psychology and have a Masters in International Affairs from Georgetown University.

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