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by Jada Ferguson 2 months ago in social commentary

(My land)

A Section of Humanae the Photographic Work In Progress by Angelica Dass

My land was ravished by a quake-

That left spaces I did not know how to refill-

And before I could craft a recovery plan-

Lava started emerging from the crevices-

It was so sudden and forceful -

I went into shock-

I stopped blinking-

Every particle turned to ash-

My land was unrecognizable-

And uninhabitable-

But there was no possibility of me deserting my land-

It had been attached to me since the womb-

So, -

I laid motionless-

Too blistered to scream-

As my land tried to combat the traumas it had been laden with-

Mud crept in-

Carefully and precisely-

Cooling and compressing-

My abused land-

Until I could stand again-

And without a speck of hesitation-

I walked-

My land being gawked at-

Because brown never matched brown so perfectly-

My land told them-

There is nude for all shades-

All tones

social commentary
Jada Ferguson
Jada Ferguson
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Jada Ferguson
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