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The Elephant Says

by Jada Ferguson 2 months ago in surreal poetry

("you're welcome")

The Elephant Says that i trivialized its complexion-

i saw something i perceived to be worn-

and i equated it to my misery-

designating it the hue of a thing entirely drained of nutrients-

The Elephant Says i was over-extending all the essential parts of myself-

causing the dulling of my cosmic elements-

all along holding Gray hostage-

ignorant to the electricity pulsing through it-

The Elephant Says the second i shut the hell up-

Gray could expel its beauty-

broadcasting stories i had overshadowed with my gloom-

it was never hollow, i was-

The Elephant Says moisturize every Gray strand of hair i find-

thank the most menacing cloud for watering the earth-

wiggle my toes each time the soles of my shoes face the concrete-

notice the hearts beating in those Gray photos-

The Elephant Says it accepts my apologies for all the time i wasted-

The Elephant Says “you’re welcome”-

all the while forging a space for others to thrive-

knowing i’ll need to talk again sooner rather than later-

surreal poetry
Jada Ferguson
Jada Ferguson
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Jada Ferguson
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