Night of the Water Bearer

A Poem

Night of the Water Bearer

I’m scared of you

So deep and blue

Never still, always will

Do what you wanna do

No matter what the conditions

Beauty is your biggest guilt

When fury is upon your waves

Beneath it can’t be felt

The deeper you go

The darker it is

But if I could choose

I would drown in your abyss

But for now I’m just a water bearer

Taking pieces of you

But you’re just too much

I’ll never know all of you

Tonight I’ll drink from your waters and I’ll go insane

But I won’t take what you give to me in vain

They say everything happens for a reason

I just pray you’re not only here for a season

And don’t take what I say as misleading

But I promise to never again commit treason

I’m there for you

I care for you

I’m down for you

I’ll drown for you

I know I’m just a water bearer...

But let’s be together forever

Take me up in your waves

Turn me into a mermaid

I am no longer afraid

Now I am forever yours

I beg

Don’t bring me back to shore

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