New Territory

It felt so new.

New Territory

Sunset caressed my face

“you are so beautiful”

You’ve interrupted mid sentence

You’ve fallen in Love

Your midnight brown eyes focused

Distinct Chatter faded softly

Its rapid, insignificant, five words per second

Mom, Candy, Water, Look, Ooh

Insignificant to my ears

“I brought you hear because I remembered you love sunsets”

“You are so beautiful”

“Sorry I had to”

You’ve stolen my undivided attention

Because of your attention

I’ve fallen in love

One thousand seven hundred

Feet in the air

Clear glass, unstained, adoration

Surrounded yet above Jersey

Sunset caressed my face

“you are so beautiful”

Red natural blush makes the make up on my face jealous

I’ve never felt this way before


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Bailey (BayLee) Elease
Bailey (BayLee) Elease
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Bailey (BayLee) Elease

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