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New Baby Blessings


By Shari KhanPublished 8 months ago 2 min read

A new life has begun,

Freshly born with the rising sun,

A baby so small and sweet,

A miracle that's hard to beat.

Innocent eyes and tiny hands,

A bundle of love from far-off lands,

A new adventure has just begun,

For you, little one, the world's just begun.

With every breath you take,

A new journey we'll make,

To teach you and watch you grow,

To nurture and guide you, as you go.

Your smile melts our hearts,

And fills us with joy from the start,

We'll cherish every moment spent,

Watching you grow with each event.

From your first steps to your first words,

Each milestone we'll treasure, like precious pearls,

We'll be there to guide you, every step of the way,

Our love for you grows stronger, with each passing day.

As we hold you close, and feel your heartbeat,

We can't help but feel complete,

With you in our lives, everything feels right,

You are our sunshine, our shining light.

You remind us of life's simple pleasures,

Of the beauty in each moment, that we should treasure,

You teach us to love, and to be patient and kind,

To be gentle and understanding, and to always keep an open mind.

So welcome, little one, to this big, wide world,

We'll hold your hand, as you're unfurled,

You're a precious gift, a blessing from above,

And we'll always cherish you, with all our love.

May your life be filled with happiness and laughter,

May you always have love, and live happily ever after,

May you reach for the stars, and follow your dreams,

And always remember, you are loved, more than it seems.

In the world of the new,

We welcome you,

With open arms, and hearts so true,

May you always know, we'll be there for you.

A chapter yet to be written,

A story yet to unfold,

A path yet to be taken.

The past is but a memory,

The future is unknown,

But in this moment, this very moment,

A new life has been shown.

It may come in the form of a child,

Born into the world so new,

Or perhaps a new career,

A path to pursue.

It may come with a personal transformation,

A journey to overcome,

Or maybe it's a change in location,

A new place to call home.

Whatever the form, whatever the shape,

A new life has begun,

A chance to start fresh,

A chance to overcome.

It may be daunting at first,

A journey with an unknown end,

But with perseverance and courage,

A new life will begin to mend.

It's a chance to be true to oneself,

To embrace new ideas and perspectives,

To surround oneself with positivity,

And to pursue one's own objectives.

It's a chance to be patient,

To celebrate small wins along the way,

To remember that progress is not always linear,

And to take it day by day.

A new life is a gift,

To be cherished and revered,

A chance to make a difference,

A chance to persevere.

So take this gift with open arms,

And embrace it with all your heart,

For a new life has begun,

And a new journey will start.

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