Never Shall I Forget

The Day That Changed Our Lives Forever

Never Shall I Forget

Never shall I forget the pain she went though.

My father rushing me to the hospital to see her.

The first time I saw my family cry.

Never shall I forget seeing my mother cry day and night.

The trouble my sister went through just to get one IV in her.

Or the doctors’ faces when they came in to tell us.

Never shall I forget the first tear signaling something wasn't right.

Not understanding why this was happening to her.

And every result of every test... that she had multiple sclerosis.

Never shall I forget being eight and growing up always seeing my sister suffer.

Trying not to show her that I was scared; scared that she’ll never be able to walk, see, or live.

Giving up all hope that it will get better.

Never shall I forget that day... the day that changed our lives forever.

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Crystal Sotiropoulos
Crystal Sotiropoulos
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