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By Mutahir AhsanPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

Nature, oh nature, so wondrous and true,

Your beauty and majesty, forever anew,

From the rolling hills to the mountain peaks,

Your wonders, forever in our hearts to keep.

The gentle breeze, the rustling leaves,

The song of birds, the buzzing of bees,

The sweet scent of flowers, in the air so fair,

Nature's gifts, beyond compare.

The colors of the sky, as the sun sets down,

The stars that twinkle, in the night all around,

The soft caress of the moon, as it shines so bright,

Nature's canvas, a never-ending delight.

The rhythm of the waves, crashing on the shore,

The vastness of the sea, stretching forevermore,

The power of the storm, as it rages and roars,

Nature's strength, forever in our hearts it soars.

Oh nature, how you inspire and amaze,

With your beauty and wonder, in so many ways,

May we always cherish and protect you,

For you are the source of life, forever true.

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