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National Landline Telephone Day

March 10

By Amir HossainPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

"National Landline Telephone Day"

Today we celebrate the landline phone

A device that we once called our own

No more dial-up internet, just the dial tone

A reminder of simpler times, now unknown

We'd wait for the ring, it was music to our ears

Hearing the voice of loved ones, calming our fears

The sound of a busy signal, oh how it jeers

But redialing just meant we cared, it appears

We'd stretch the cord, trying to find some space

Hiding in the closet to talk, out of mom's face

A secret world of gossip, laughter, and grace

The landline phone, a part of our childhood's pace

Now we have smartphones, always within reach

We can call, text, and browse, with just a speech

But the landline phone, it still has a niche

A part of our past, that we can still teach

So on this day, let's remember the landline

The good times and bad, the moments that were divine

A device that connected us, in a simpler time

National Landline Telephone Day, a memory so fine.

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I blog on everything and anything— hoping my blogs will make your days a bit happier!

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