Mysterious Within Sins


Mysterious Within Sins
Poetic Warrior:Swan🥀

Don’t take it personally

He brushes it off so sarcastically

like he tired of pleasing me

so he don’t want to fuck with me

cause I’m so sweet

He doesn’t know how to tell me

We will never be

even I asked for a family and.

A baby you never said shit

have so many options that you forget

I wanted you

wish I was light skin and thick seems like they fit in more with the society

I’m not beautiful

you don’t gotta lie to me

I’m not your type

to slow for your speed

so you tell me no every time

I don’t meet your standards either

still doing the same thing you did when you hurt me how are you so apologetically?

thought we was working on communication but guess that’s an illusion

I wish I was light skin I’d find beauty deep within

seem like they fit in more with the society we live in

I am not beautiful and I have been broken

he’s not trying to pursue me or give me a family

all the years you known me I never had stability so why build with me?

I’m a clown everybody love to see me down

tell my closest friends my sins

just for them to repeat them back to someone

else again so they know my insecurities

the next woman always out level me

I don’t feel beautiful anymore

I feel ugly

even though my heart is pure

but my insecurities within say I’m ugly

throw myself off the cliff

cause I know I can’t swim

never had the perfect situation financially

thanks for trying

fear of being naive again

thinking maybe it is just lust

I don’t add up to much

you could never miss a loss

no matter what it cost

I’m that bitch a throwaway

I was never yours anyways

just writing my thoughts out loud

I’m in a cloud

trying to get my feelings out

love poems
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