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My Person

I can't get enough of you

By Alexis RobersonPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
My Person
Photo by Ed Robertson on Unsplash

For some reason

You are a breath of fresh air

Your touch makes me feel like life could be fair

It's something I can't get enough of

Your skin

Is as soft as its ever been

For someone who has only known pain and despair

Kissing you makes me feel complete

You make me feel loved

And when I'm around you I feel free

In a world where love is hard to come by

In your eyes

A golden brown ocean with powerful tides

You make me feel seen

In your smile

I would die just to see it everyday for a lil while

Why is it that for some reason

We fit together so well

In a sense of being loved

Something I've always dreamt of

I now realize why it has never worked with anyone else

The truth is

For some reason

You're my person

Don't you see?

You've always been the one for me

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About the Creator

Alexis Roberson

I may be young but I have experienced a lot pain, happiness, and growth. This is my safe place that I am welcoming you in, hop on and enjoy the ride (:

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