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My Only Beloved

the only kind of love which assures you flowers in return is self love.

By saanviPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

One day I’d like to wake up and matter-

Not to you

Not to her

Not to him

Nor this world

But Just to myself.

Pen down healing words in my dark wounds,

Stay in silence & hear my heart's pounding sounds.

Sneak out through the construct of space and time,

Have conversations which will stay only between me and the Divine.

Look up at the moon and I see a reflection of me,

When the North star seems dim in front of my eyes that day shall I be free.

Pierce through my skin and Must I still smile,

but if I Ever hurt the child I once was you shall see an ocean of emotions in my eyes.

Appreciate this kind of being,

treasure what all my soul beholds.

Look at these scars with love

And consider myself my only and only beloved.

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words elaborate the emotions you see in one’s eyes while the eyes define what one’s soul feels.

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    saanviWritten by saanvi

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