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Do you remember?

a question for my so called lover.

By saanviPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
the end of us.

Do you remember?

Do you remember the glory of us?

Do you remember the pain bestowed upon us?

Do you remember it all or

Do you remember the bits & pieces?

Bits & pieces remind me of my heart.

My heart reminds me of you.

You remind me of us –

The trajectory of my adolescence and the end of my childlike.



I remember it all.

Scrap it down to fine pieces of untangled details & I can guide you through it all.

I remember it all.

Remember the short lived glory, the infinity of pain, the entirety of it, the scraplings of it.

I told you before,



I picture you living in your fancy mansion living your best life while ruining mine.

I picture you celebrating your victory in the dirty games you played Mr Fancy.

What about you?

Did you capture me as a core sweet 16 memory or your favourite toy you obsessed with as a child and then threw in a grave never to be seen again?

Was I ever even in the picture? Tell me Mr Fancy.


Lovers bestow upon you the heavy weights of words and the promises of action.

Your actions never ran along parallel lines with your words

But you words cut through deep than any fatal action ever could.

Will you bother to fix my deep graveyards of unattended wounds?

Will you come back?

If you ever do,

Will you come back with light weighted soft wordings & fulfilled actions

Or come back to haunt my graveyards again?


Will you come back?

I will wait for you.

(I always have.)

I will look out for you.

(Sigh, I always have.)


I will wait for you.

As I am not yet freed from your chains of shackles of confused emotions,

Because all your curses and all your sweet linings are ingrained in me still,

Because I remember it all - the short lived glory, the infinity of pain, the entirety of it, the scraplings of it.

Do you remember?






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