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My love for you has not changed

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By Moharif YuliantoPublished about a month ago 2 min read
My love for you has not changed
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The seasons turn, the leaves may fall away,

But like a constant moonbeam, my love holds sway.

Though miles may stretch and silence fills the air,

My heart beats true, a constant, tender prayer.

For love, like fire, may flicker, flare, or wane,

But embers glow, a love that will remain.

So trust, my darling, though time may intervene,

My love for you, a constant, evergreen.

The seasons turn, a vibrant, swirling dance,

From summer's warmth to winter's frosted trance.

Leaves blaze crimson, then surrender to the breeze,

Yet underneath, a hidden life finds peace.

So too, our love, it may have shifted form,

No longer burning with a raging storm.

The youthful passion, wild and all-consuming,

Has calmed to embers, gently softly blooming.

But embers hold a fire, potent and bright,

A silent promise, burning through the night.

The warmth remains, a constant, steady glow,

A love that deepens with the years that flow.

Though miles may stretch between us, vast and wide,

You're woven in the fabric of my stride.

A whisper on the wind, a songbird's gentle call,

A memory that lingers, holds me in its thrall.

Silence may fill the space where laughter rang,

But in the quiet, love's truer voice is sang.

A language born of trust, a knowing in the eyes,

A bond that strengthens as the years arise.

We've weathered storms, faced trials hand in hand,

Learned each other's depths, like grains of shifting sand.

The battles fought, the victories we've known,

Have etched a map, a love uniquely our own.

Perhaps the words we spoke once, light and free,

Have now transformed to quiet empathy.

But in the knowing silence, a comfort we embrace,

A love that speaks in gestures, a familiar space.

The world may spin, and faces come and go,

But my love for you, a constant undertow.

It's woven in the sunrise, the moonlit, starry night,

A guiding star, a beacon ever bright.

There may be moments, doubt may cloud the mind,

Whispering questions, leaving us behind.

But hold this truth, etched deep within my soul,

My love for you, a story yet untold.

It's not a love that needs a grand display,

But in the mundane, it finds its perfect sway.

A hand to hold, a listening, patient ear,

A love that's built to last, year after year.

So let the seasons change, the world evolve and shift,

My love for you, a constant, unwavering gift.

For in the tapestry of life, with all its threads unfurled,

My love for you remains, the most precious in the world.


About the Creator

Moharif Yulianto

a freelance writer and thesis preparation in his country, youtube content creator, facebook

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Comments (1)

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    This was ao heart touching. Loved your poem!

Moharif YuliantoWritten by Moharif Yulianto

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