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Everything I Think You Should Know (For Now)

My Life

Hello, welcome, but most importantly enjoy.

Life is like a flowing river, sometimes it's clear and you know where to go. Sometimes it gets cloudy and you can't see the light anymore. That's life. Can we change that? Of course! All we have to do is try different routes and maybe we might find a way though. Never look at life from one angle, because how will you ever know if you're going the right way when you haven't tried other routes? (Think.)



Life and I have a strange relationship, full of mixed emotions, it's like the difference between sleeping and being awake. I love life when I'm aware, but also when I'm senseless. I have my ups and downs, but who doesn't? One day, maybe one day, I'll find my purpose, and I will find that spark in life that will keep me going, but for now I'm here—content.


I'm the kid with the swag.

I never really liked school, but hey what successful person did? I'm not saying I'm sure I'll be successful, but I have potential. Maybe? Too forward? I could be. I just disliked the idea that a piece of paper could determine your life, and you just have to live with whatever that say you're capable of doing. Could you really allow people to determine what you do by something so plain? You're much more interesting than that. Well that's what I believe. I mean aliens didn't make up everything we have today. We did. And that's what you have to understand, we are the perfect creation and we are capable of creating. Don't get stuck in the system. When you get out, lock the door and throw the key as far as you can. Make something of yourselves be great, be inspiration for generations to flow.

The End for Now

Sour, Lebanon

I believe that this is as far as I should go,

in terms of what you guys should know.

I also love poetry,

And have so much to show.

Remember, in life there is so much freedom,

As long as you find the right path to lead on.

Don't live life to the fullest,

Live life to be the realest.

I might write for a while to see where it will take me. I hope you enjoy. I also enjoy feedback, criticism and inspiration. So, figure out a way to let me know how you feel while I figure out how to do this right.

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Mohamad Malek

Im here but you can't see me.

I'm near but you can't feel me.

No fear when you are with me.

Life's clear when you trust me.



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