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My Home Within

by Grace Gabriella Puskas 8 months ago in inspirational
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Home is where the heart is, and my heart is everywhere...

THE OWL: The Eye of the Darkness, the Shadow Realm

Home is where the heart is,

and my heart is everywhere...

It’s everything, as ‘every thing’ is nothing.

To be nothing is to truly see the power of home-

it’s a security, a feeling of comfort and protection

and this is realized when we see the nothingness

in self and life.

Home is within, it’s inside my skin;

it’s inside the cells that keep me alive,

and it’s inside the smile that masks what I hide.

Home to me is peace.

I see the duality, the light and dark of life.

I recognize my shine and my shadow,

the wrong and the right… Duality is Oneness,

two sides of the same coin- two hemispheres of one brain.

Like the Sun and Moon that both exist for us,

we cannot thrive or survive until we see this.

Light and dark, Sun and Moon, daylight and night-time;

home to me is peace. The peace within.

I’ve been homeless, houseless, wandering long streets

in search of food and shelter.

I’ve also lived in beautiful structures,

places fit for a king for a queen have embraced me.

I’ve truly lived like royalty!

Yet, I do know what it’s like to feel like there is no home,

no throne, no crown on top of my beautiful head

and this is where the magic stops,

where the separation begins…

Everything starts from within, from the mind and the eye.

This is why I say I ‘smile’ to ‘mask what I hide,’

because I have been in darkness. I’ve felt

disconnected from the world, unsafe and alone,

as if Mother Earth has not heard my call.

I’ve been in despair, depression and extreme desperation-

and I see the root of this.

Home is bliss.

Home is the heart, the beating pulse and groove of life.

Home is surrender, to Self- to Source, to the divine or God

or whatever holy power you believe in.

Home is the truth.

It can be difficult, I know. There are so many armchair philosophers nowadays,

How do we know who is authentic?

Is this voice part of some competition narrative-

Or have I truly mastered the art of acceptance?

In my youth I had a home, a house for security;

safety, material things to keep me surviving-

and a mother who loved me so I kept thriving.

I used to dream a lot in youth, precognitive and visionary

dreams were the norm, and my higher self was connected

from dusk until dawn. Truly.

My subconscious and psyche were very active,

and I would listen to the intuitive and instinctive guidance from my dreams.

So, when I turned twenty, I set out on a path less travelled…

I’ve lived in Buddhist retreat centres, I’ve meditated alongside monks;

I’ve climbed mountains and trekked jungles to reach the Source.

Inner Source, my Spirit; the divine life force.

I felt at home here. The jungle and unknown waters

were my blanket

and the lack of security, physically,

helped me grow spiritually,

so I could navigate the darkness

… and find the light.

The mind is a tool for the divine.

No, I am not an armchair philosopher, but yes- I am an earth wanderer!

Poetry is something I channel to feel at home.

There’s a special magic in the realm of thought forms and ideas,

frequencies of sound travel much like a nomad living without fear;

there’s freedom and sovereignty to be found far and near.

I don’t know if you know anything about astrology, but I am a Pisces,

I’m the 12th and final soul, the ‘Old Souls.’

We Fish see things in a unique way,

we’re intuitive, instinctive, emotionally charged and empathic,

and we possess the most advanced levels of compassion.

One could say we’re angelic,

like human angels incarnate to help others transcend pain.

See, life is a game, home is a form of self-mastery,

a “level up” within, inside, a self-acknowledgement and strive

towards harmony and wholeness.

Perhaps we can’t truly feel at home until we see the light and the darkness?

And accept them for what they are. Us.

Our true selves, our yin and yang and our eternal inner Moon and Sun.

If you deny, reject or suppress a core part of you,

Will you ever feel peace? It doesn’t matter how much you’re blessed with

physically, if you can’t or won’t feel peace spiritually- energetically-

you may not ever find home.

Self-actualization. Enlightenment. Self-realization.

Home is something we humans crave, but the secret is…

Home starts and ends inside of us. The world around is a reflection,

and it can be beauty to perfection

or something less pure and welcoming; it all depends on how you see

the world and others.


Magic flows through your veins, just as it flows through mine.

Look down at the earth and ground, look up at the stars and sky.

Water flows through your veins like rivers flow through the earth,

your eye contains the perfect image of the universe, a smaller atom

and a larger one. Your body is pure. Our planet is pure life!

Home to me is nature, it’s a realization of my part in

the grand scheme of things; the grand design of life.

We are one, interconnected, and a unified energy field.

And this is the secret, a gem of wisdom if you will:

How you feel within manifests into the world around,

feelings of home and belonging reflect into your external reality.

Duality and oneness- source as duality,

it’s all you. Your perceptions of home are a symbol for consciousness.

How are you currently vibrating?

Home is self-mastery.

Home is self-mastery, and I have mastered my throne- my crown.

But I also have roots, roots that bind me to the ground,

and this is the key.

Homecoming is coming back to your roots, self and soul~

a returning to the whole

where confusion, chaos, and separation no longer exist.

It doesn’t matter where I lay my head physically,

or what life serves me materialistically,

as if I don’t have that serenity and acceptance within I can’t feel at home,

even when surrounded by riches and laughter, friendship and stability.

You can’t see if you’re only viewing with two eyes.

Opening my third eye was a spark to security...

Love and bliss are everywhere, sometimes it’s the invisible things

that provide real comfort, and protection, and thus, my home is in the

breeze as it touches my skin; it’s in the waters that nurture me;

it’s within the flames of burning desire and transformation, and it’s

part of the ever-lasting greens and physical foundations of the world.

It’s in the ether too, the subtle-spiritual life force, the astral realm of Spirit!

My home is within, because I am home.


About the author

Grace Gabriella Puskas

Author, poet, wordsmith and inspired visionary ✧

Winner of the 2014 Local Legend Spiritual Writing Competition, 'A Message from Source' is available online and at all bookstores in the UK.

Amazing Grace of mind-expanding poetry ;) <3

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