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My Heart Beats for You

A Poem of Love and Devotion

By LauraPublished about a year ago 1 min read

My heart beats for you, my love,

A rhythm strong and true,

It echoes through my every breath,

In every beat, I feel anew.

With each pulse, I am reminded

Of the love that we have shared,

A bond that's grown and flourished,

A connection that's beyond compare.

My heart beats for you, my dear,

It sings a melody divine,

A song of passion and devotion,

A symphony that's solely mine.

Through the highs and lows of life,

My heart beats on, unwavering,

A constant reminder of the love,

That in your arms, I'm savoring.

So listen close, my precious one,

And hear my heart's sweet sound,

It beats for you, and you alone,

In a love that's forever bound.

Watch my hot vidoes

Watch my hot vidoes

Watch my hot vidoes

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