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My Country, My Motherland

A patriotic poem

By SRenaSPublished 10 months ago 2 min read
My Country, My Motherland
Photo by Salman Preeom on Unsplash

It’s a country of many seasons,

A country known for its complete seasons.

Summer, Winter, Monsoon, Autumn, Late Autumn,

they have it all!


It’s a country that is young,

It’s a country that is still developing,

It’s a country that has many flaws still to correct,

It’s country in poverty,

But it’s people live in harmony.


A lot to say about this country,

Not everything can be said in one poem entirely.

This is a country,

Where it’s people live in peace and harmony.

This is a country,

Where different cultures live together lively.

This is a country,

Where different religions reside as eachother’s neighbours happily.

They are all different,

Each of them come from different place, culture and religion,

But they all live happily in this one place,

And that’s what makes them special.


Though they might not have much,

They might not have access to the simplest basic needs,

But they have one thing that makes them stick out from the rest,

It is their warm hospital,

Their warm happy smiles even on their worst days,

Their warm welcome and attitude even towards strangers,

That is what makes them, them.

That is what makes us, Us.


It’s a country,

Whose people fought to have the freedom to speak their mother language.

It’s a country,

Whose people fought form their freedom.

It’s a country,

Whose people sacrificed their lives for its independence.

It is now a country,

That is beautiful, free and independent.


A Motherland is a very beautiful and precious thing,

It is dear to out hearts,

It is our home,

A place we know we will feel safe,

Get a great sense of security,

Where we know, we will be accepted.

Where we know we will have access to our basic needs,

Even it’s the most minimum of it,

We know we will get it.

It is a place that we can call home,

A place that we will be forever proud of.

This is what a motherland is called.


This is a country,

That is known for its diversed culture.

This is a country,

Know for its rich culture and beautiful landscapes,

A country,

Known for its beautiful greenery.

A country,

Known for its beautiful beach scenery.

This is ….

My Country, My Motherland.

This is quite different from my usual poem writing. This is because I thought why not try something different?

If you liked it, I would really appreciate it if you would leave a heart and your insights in this poem. Thanks for reading!

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Writing is one of my many hobbies. I love writing stories whether it is fiction or horror, everything is written from the top of my imagination. I occasionally write on other communities and topics aswell.

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