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A poem to my mother.

By SRenaSPublished 10 months ago 2 min read
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Oh Mother,

For you I saw the world,

For you I saw what it had restored for me,

For you I’m happy.


I’m sorry for all the trouble I caused,

I’m sorry for all the pain I caused,

From birth to death,

I know you will always there for me.


Your my guardian,

Your my Best Friend,

Your my supporter,

Your always there when I need you,

You never refuse.


You noticed everything,

On some days I would return home from school quite,

You’d knew something was wrong.

I was never able to hide my tears and upsetness from you.

You’d know immediately.


Even when your sick,

You still did every chores,

From cleaning to cooking,

But refused to let me when I would be sick.


Your cooking is always delicious,

Even when you accidentally burned it,

Or put extra salt,

5 star dishes will never measure up to yours.


In any trouble I’m in,

Your the first person that comes to my mind.

In any sorrow I’m in,

Your the first person that comes to my mind.

In any happiness I’m in,

Your the first person that comes to my mind.

If not for you, I don’t know what would happen to me.


I always excited to share with you my achievements,

Even if there are small,

Or big,

You’re always proud of me,

Even if its the smallest achievement,

You praise me.


For you,

Im here today,

For you,

Im who I am today.

I can’t stay a day without you,

How will I stay for even a longer time?

Im always grateful to you,

No word can express my love for you.

You’re always there when no one isn’t,

You’re always encouraging me when other don’t,

Even when friends leave me, I know you will always be me friend.

I know I will always have a shoulder I can lean on.

You will always be my Best Friend.

Other may write poems to their love,

But I want to write this poem to you, Mother.

I will forever be grateful,

For your support,

For your love and care,

For you guidance,

For your help,

For everything…

Thank for everything,


sad poetry

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Writing is one of my many hobbies. I love writing stories whether it is fiction or horror, everything is written from the top of my imagination. I occasionally write on other communities and topics aswell.

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Comments (3)

  • velasco liama10 months ago

    Unconditional love of mother. 😍

  • This was so emotional and touching! I loved it!

  • Priya10 months ago

    very nice poem!

SRenaSWritten by SRenaS

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