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My Body Moves

by Mia O 7 months ago in inspirational

A poem celebrating the violent strength and gorgeous beauty of the female form. Although we're forced to confine ourselves, to make ourselves small for men, we ultimately must accept our power and use it for good. In these tumultuous, scary times, appreciating the fact that our bodies are still moving, and that we can still breathe can bring comfort and even joy.

My Body Moves

Stretching higher and faster

Lithe fibers tangle and twist

Tangoing, waltzing

As if flight is thrumming, vibrant motion

and not solely the breathtaking heights of birds.

They softly curve, they angle perilously

or dangle feet first on mossy willow limbs

whose rich tresses gently kiss the brooding waters

clouded in swathes of summer mist.

Shades of expression, fevered dreams

Whimsical and fragile, lovely spiderwebs

Glistening with scintillating drops of dew

Meshed to entangle the ferocity of love and boiling passions.

Yet serene

Watercolor paints, shades of evergreen tenderness

Brilliant lights, but after the party, candles flicker

in sputter wax sconces, the soft glow

Illuminating all the good, gasping to the surface

A baby screaming for its first breath of air

The struggles only growing in mass and magnitude from there

Breadth, width, height, volume

The sheer power of darkness gleams

To drown out dying candlelight with crushed fists.

My body moves, and I live.

Mia O
Mia O
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Mia O

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