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My Blues

A poem written in 1970 but which may have relevance today as well.

By John Oliver SmithPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
C'mon people, let's get on the same page here . . .

I’m just sittin’ here.

I’m just blowin’ my mind.

I got nothin’ to do,

So I’m just wasting my time.

And I’m singing this tune,

Trying to get words to rhyme.

But there’s no melody,

So ain’t it a crime?

Now everyone else,

Is out having a ball.

And I’m just sittin’ at home,

Thinkin’ of all,

Of the fun that I had,

When I was just small.

But now that I’m older,

I don’t have any at all.

So I guess I’ll just sit here,

For quite a long while,

Until people world-wide start changing,

Stop warring, start in to smile.

Stop killing their brothers,

Stop invading border miles.

I hope they soon realize wealth shouldn’t be measured in money and piles,

Of dead.

So my friends, can’t you see,

I’m really not wasting my time,

I’m working on being me.

And with some co-operation

You and I could be free,

And the same for whole nations maybe.

War seems outdated – it’s hypocrisy.

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John Oliver Smith

Baby, son, brother, child, student, collector, farmer, photographer, player, uncle, coach, husband, student, writer, teacher, father, science guy, fan, coach, grandfather, comedian, traveler, chef, story-teller, driver, regular guy!!

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    John Oliver SmithWritten by John Oliver Smith

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