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My Big Little Loss

by Jessica Antonietta

By Jessica RasilePublished 11 months ago 1 min read
TW: Miscarriage

A loss is a loss

No matter how small

Whether you’ve known them forever, or no time at all

The feelings you felt, the connection you knew

Were all very real, and the grief is too

It is not easy, To think this is done,

That there is no welcoming, you into this world little one.

I don’t think that words, could ever explain,

To the moment we knew, you’d never get a name.

We would never hold you, hear you laugh or see you smile,

All we have now, is the knowing you existed for a while.

sad poetryheartbreak

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Jessica Rasile

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Comments (2)

  • GANEWA 11 months ago

    I have a deal that we both can benefit from, here it goes, what do you think if we both read each other’s story like whenever you publish something I read it and the vice versa. I’ve already subscribed so if u r in just please let me know, and u for your time.

  • GANEWA 11 months ago

    Hi there good poem!

Jessica RasileWritten by Jessica Rasile

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